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Tohaina ō painga ki te ao  (Share your gifts with the world)
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Neurodevelopmental Interventions

Personalised and designed to meet the needs of Individuals diagnosed with High Functioning Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Attention Deficits Hyperactivity Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Tic Disorder.

Areas of services offered
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Life Coaching

We provide brief Interventions for people with ADHD that want to master their executive functions, such as attention, organisation, memory, or self-control.

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Psychoeducation and Parent Training

Educate families and whānau to understand and cope with the unique behaviours their family member is experiencing. Delivered in person and on-line. Includes training parents to conduct functional analysis of behaviours. Mindfulness training for parents.

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Clinical Supervision
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Social Anxiety/Avoidance

For interns or professionals that are interested in developing highly specialised skills in Behaviour-analytic interventions.

Avoiding places or situations such as school or social events perpetuates anxiety. Thoughtfully designed exposure-based therapy resolves most issues.

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Social Skills Training

Sophisticated social skills training to improve social skills and social confidence.


What to expect when looking for therapy: 

We will visit you at your family home, work or on our premises to assess your difficulties and your whānau’s perspectives on those difficulties. We will design intensive intervention plans for you and with you and will implement them hands-on with you in real community settings. We will be providing psychoeducation to the whānau, along with practical advice (it is possible to do some of this work via videocall). Do not expect a lot of talking in an office setting.

We will first prioritise our common goals based on the way various issues manifest themselves in your actions, thoughts and emotions. (This process is different to the diagnostic process.) In designing a brief  behavioural intervention, having a diagnosis is not a pre-requisite; however, accurate diagnosis certainly facilitates a better-tailored intervention design. Interventions are designed collaboratively with you and your whānau being at the centre of the decision-making. Diagnostic work-up or additional treatment may be recommended to you, only if deemed necessary.

Whenever possible, we are able to provide some of our services remotely (Telehealth).

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